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June 4, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 06/04/2013

Find the ‘comfort zone’

Atmospheric carbon dioxide, an odorless, colorless, naturally occurring gas is plant food. It is a bi-product of respiration produced by animals. It is as important for plants as oxygen is for animals. It could be considered a “pollutant” at concentrations that can render the environment unsuitable for animal life. Without adequate amounts of CO2 in the air, plants could not efficiently capture the sun’s energy and transform it into food molecules (starch and cellulose) via photosynthesis, and most animals would perish in a relatively brief time without adequate vegetation.

The same could be said for oxygen, and many other components of our environment. There is a range of acceptable concentrations, a “comfort zone,” beyond which organisms can no longer function. What is this range for CO2? What is the optimum concentration and when does CO2 become a pollutant — an amount large enough to detrimentally affect life?

Joe Griggs

Traversed City

Let’s try drones

Cameras at stop lights? Sounds good, as more than 30 percent of drivers don’t use directional signals. Will they be warned or ticketed? As for the statement that other states use cameras, where were our elected officials when they passed the law making it illegal to text while driving? (Hard to enforce.) Another law was passed making it illegal for teenagers to use a phone while driving. Why not make it illegal to text or phone for every driver unless it’s an emergency? Other states do this. If the cameras don’t work out, let’s try drones. I’m sure that some lobbyist will try to get the state to buy them.

Dale L. Alberts


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