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December 18, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 12/18/2012

Badger aids green power

Reading the Dec. 5 editorial concerning the car ferry SS Badger and how you took the view that it is a bad thing and should be done away with, I have to point out a few things.

The SS Badger carried more than 300 over-sized wind tower shipments. Because of the need for the SS Badger to carry these over sized wind tower shipments, its sailing season had to be extended.

Without the SS Badger, all that "green power" that is being generated or will be generated would have been delayed.

I find it very ironic that the very people that are crying for the demise of the SS Badger are more than happy to use the service it provides and can overlook all the evils of the SS Badger when it suits them.

David Sobolewski

Traverse City

Offer hope for future

The greatest gift you can give to your family, friends and people/wildlife community would be to make a written commitment to seriously do those things you can which offer hope that there will be a future for them.

So what are those things? In the spirit of the season, stop over-consuming our natural resources. Instead, commit to decreasing your use of fossil fuel-generated energy and petrochemicals by 5 percent each year, then convince others to do the same. That means go on a carbon emissions diet and keep a record of your progress.

How? Check your electric meter and write down the usage each day; try to lower it. Better weatherize your house and cut heat waste. Record transportation miles, drive/fly less. Keep records of your expenditures, then reduce, recycle, reuse, refurbish, share, swap, give away, buy less. Localize your purchases of food and other items. Learn how to grow/save food and compost kitchen/yard wastes. Learn more about sustainable living. Support renewable energy initiatives. Start demanding serious leadership from your government in cutting carbon emissions ASAP.

Can you think of a greater gift? What do you then do with the extra money you save? Donate to your favorite charities.

Ann McInnis


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