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January 15, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 01/15/2013

Ignorant, out of touch

Mr. Moore's argument that Americans don't support the troops is peppered with assumptions that I bet he doesn't have the fortitude to investigate. "I support the troops" to me means "Thank you for the right to choose whether or not to serve in the military, say what you think without the fear of being arrested and for many other freedoms we as Americans enjoy."

I have seen first-hand hundreds of volunteers and donors support the troops by sending care packages. As a former restaurant employee, I have experienced dozens of citizens support the troops by buying dinners for servicemen and women.

Perhaps if Mr. Moore associated occasionally with the real "99 percent," he would see how ignorant and out of touch he really is to what's going on around him.

I only hope that what he wrote will actually motivate others to take action to help those around them. Although I disagree with the majority of what he said I can agree that more needs to be done.

Perhaps Mr. Moore's film festival will begin to donate to an organization that helps homeless and mentally ill veterans.

Jason Stringham

Traverse City

Too smart to learn

Michael Moore had a piece in the Jan. 7 Record-Eagle headlined "I (don't) support the troops". Regardless of what you may think of Michael Moore, this one is a real eye-opener. Please take time to read it.

While some of us are making a few motions about supporting our troops, "I'm not — and neither are you!"

I think we can all agree that our troops are made up of mostly poor folks who were trying to get an education or just couldn't find a job.

Not too many rich folks in the ranks.

The fact that they are committing suicide faster than they are getting killed should tell us something.

Alexander the Great found it was impossible to win a war in Afghanistan; Russia died trying; yet we're too smart to learn from history.

I would like to suggest that 2013 should go down in history as the year we brought our troops home — all of them.

Why can't we put a bill before Congress outlining the plan and anyone who doesn't get behind it can send their son/grandson, daughter/granddaughter, or volunteer to go over there him/herself.

Walt Lund


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