Traverse City Record-Eagle

October 30, 2012

Election Letters to the Editor: 10/30/2012


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What audacity

The article highlighting the cutbacks in funding for Meals-on-Wheels demonstrates how we have become a nation of moochers and takers.

If the 93-year-old example you cite gets hungry enough, she will go out, find a job and become a producing member of society.

I cannot believe the audacity of sitting home and expecting free food to show up at my door.

A vote for Mitt Romney will put an end to this foolishness.

John Vinkemulder


Ensure a future solution

In 1980, this community rescued three buildings which were to be demolished on the State Hospital grounds.

This started a long process which involved the community in a concerted effort to maintain the historic buildings and grounds.

Most of the open space was given to the city and Garfield Township for parkland.

The success of the redevelopment of the Commons is evident at 11th and Division.

Future plans are dependant upon knowing that a small acreage will be available to plan for the best future for this intersection.

Vote "yes" to ensure a future solution to this dangerous intersection.

Carol Hale

Traverse City

Opportunity exists

Exactly two years ago I wrote a similar letter to the editor pointing out the largesse extended by Michigan PACs and lobbyists to our deep-pocketed representative, Wayne Schmidt. PAC envelopes filled with thousands of dollars still find their way into Wayne's mailbox suggesting these groups must be getting their money's worth.

An opportunity exists to elect someone who will represent us — not the play-for-pay crowd. Betsy Coffia is smart, progressive, and not beholden to special interest groups — only to the people. Please vote Betsy Coffia for state representative and send a breath of fresh air to Lansing.

Ann Laurence

Traverse City

Energetic, educated

Voters in Grand Traverse County's 104th House District would be well served by the election of Betsy Coffia.

Betsy is very concerned about the influence of "big money" in our political system, and has set an example for all would-be elected officials by accepting no money from any PAC or special interest group.

Her goals include preserving and maintaining the livability of our area while providing residents access to employment opportunities capable of providing health, dignity, and "living" wages.

She is energetic, educated, willing to listen and deserves the opportunity to represent the 104th.

John Merica

Traverse City

Speeches show character

Well, the speeches at the dinner showed the character of both candidates. Obama took the high road, Romney the low road.

Obama joked mostly about himself, which you are supposed to do, and Romney joked about Obama showing him as a mean person. His speech was political. He wants to make sure his taxes go down to 1 percent.

Mary Doetsch


Continue getting results

Too often we have politicians more interested in headlines than real results. Fortunately for us, Rep. Wayne Schmidt has devoted his time to the difficult task of getting Michigan back on track.

His votes on comprehensive tax reforms and less-than-glamorous work eliminating onerous regulations on job providers as Commerce Committee Chairman speak volumes to his diligence on behalf of taxpayers; Michigan's economic news continues to be evidence of this effort.

We need more workhorses like Wayne Schmidt who gets things done. Let's continue getting results: Vote for Wayne Schmidt Nov. 6.

Margaret Underwood

Traverse City

An asset to county

Dan Lathrop would serve residents of Grand Traverse County with dedication, integrity, and perspective as a county commissioner.

Please join me in voting for a man who will bring new energy to the Grand Traverse County Commission. A man who will think outside the box for solutions to the many challenges our county faces. A man who will work to maintain and improve the many great services we as residents of Grand Traverse County enjoy. That man is Dan Lathrop.

Dan Lathrop will be an asset to the Grand Traverse County Commission.

Jeanette A. Mason

Traverse City

Will be proactive

Probate Court cases involve people experiencing difficult times or crises in their lives. It takes a special person to serve as judge.

As prior Register of Probate, I fully support Melanie Stanton as the most qualified candidate. She has tremendous legal knowledge and a clear understanding of the issues.

Interacting with her over 14 years, I know Melanie will be proactive in developing new programs and making existing ones even better. I know she respects and appreciates the Volunteer Services Division of the Court and values volunteer contributions.

Melanie cares about making Probate Court the "best."

Kathi Polk

Traverse City

A wealth of knowledge

Please join me in supporting Gary Appel for re-election to the Traverse City Area Public Schools Board of Education. As a fellow board member, I have witnessed firsthand Gary's hard work and dedication to the students of Traverse City.

He examines all sides of the issues before making any decision and brings to the board a wealth of pedagogical knowledge, both from his experience as a teacher and as an educational consultant. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve with Gary, thank him for his willingness to serve another term, and look forward to continuing our work.

Julie Puckett


The rich get richer

I can tell when someone is schmoozing me. I have watched the debates. I am 65, I have been around a bit. I think this is an important election. Electing George W. Bush, twice, was an embarrassment to this country I love. Gov. Romney does not fool me. I worry that Americans might be too forgetful and impatient and make a terrible mistake. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer ... Mitt will promote that trend.

John Billette

Traverse City

Willing to stand up

I wasn't planning to write a political endorsement letter on behalf of any candidate — that is, until I read your reporter's excellent page one coverage of the Grand Traverse County Commission on Aging's shortsighted decision to drop its annual funding of the Meals-On-Wheels program for 2013.

Apparently there's only one County Commissioner willing to stand up to the COA and demand they fulfill their obligation to our seniors: Ross Richardson.

This funding must be restored. Commissioner Richardson has my vote, and I pray his fellow commissioners will ultimately agree with him that this vital program must be supported.

Suzann "Sue" Brooke

Traverse City

Advocates for seniors

We need to re-elect Ross Richardson to the Grand Traverse County Commission. Ross advocates for seniors, and led the effort to make the Senior Center a countywide network, which was approved by the voters in 2010.

This year Ross has worked to hold down the fee increases proposed by the Commission on Aging, and is now fighting to restore county funding to Meals-On-Wheels.

We need County Commissioners who are not afraid to do the right thing. Ross Richardson speaks up for us, and we should keep him on the Commission.

Frank Malewitz

Traverse City

Leading the fight

As a former recipient of Meals-on-Wheels services, I'm shocked that our Commission on Aging would even consider suspending county funding from this important program.

These nutritious meals were of invaluable assistance to me when I was in need, and I know how important they are to our home-bound seniors.

My County Commissioner, Ross Richardson, is leading the fight to get this funding restored, and he certainly deserves our support in his campaign for re-election.

Please re-elect Commissioner Ross Richardson Nov. 6.

Joyce Williams

Traverse City

Make fix a top priority

Residents are extremely concerned about traffic on Division Street (U.S. 31) — excessive speed, continual delays, danger to pedestrians trying to cross. The Michigan Department of Transportation is responsible for improving the street.

Currently the street is too narrow to change its configuration. A "yes" vote Nov. 6 on the Division Street ballot proposal will permit the transfer of city property on the street's west side at no cost to taxpayers. This will assure MDOT that Traverse City citizens believe fixing Division Street is a top priority and ensure that the state and city work together on its redesign.

Jan Warren

Traverse City

Breadth of experience

Having directly observed Melanie Stanton's practice of law for 10 years, I wholeheartedly support her candidacy for Probate Judge. Her breadth of legal experience, coupled with her dedication and high legal and moral ethics, will serve our community well.

Further, she will be impartial and treat all who come before her with dignity and respect, whatever their status. She truly cares about the law and those coming into court.

Finally, she will not face potential conflicts of interest that would require a judge to step down from hearing a case and have a visiting judge appointed at county expense.

Michael A. Kronk

Traverse City

Courtroom experience

Community involvement: former Rotarian; Third Level Center Legal Clinic; Women's Resource Center; Northwestern Michigan College; Munson Healthcare; United Way; and Youth Friend.

Education: Traverse City Central High School; the University of Michigan; and the Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

Career: Full-time 13th Circuit Court Domestic Relations Referee; and Grand Traverse County Juvenile and Family Division Referee.

Grand Traverse County Probate Court touches the lives of many county families in a very personal manner.

Kirsten L. Keilitz has the everyday and courtroom experience to be elected the county's next probate judge. Please vote Keilitz for Probate Judge.

Becky DeCarolis

Traverse City