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October 30, 2012

Election Letters to the Editor: 10/30/2012

What audacity

The article highlighting the cutbacks in funding for Meals-on-Wheels demonstrates how we have become a nation of moochers and takers.

If the 93-year-old example you cite gets hungry enough, she will go out, find a job and become a producing member of society.

I cannot believe the audacity of sitting home and expecting free food to show up at my door.

A vote for Mitt Romney will put an end to this foolishness.

John Vinkemulder


Ensure a future solution

In 1980, this community rescued three buildings which were to be demolished on the State Hospital grounds.

This started a long process which involved the community in a concerted effort to maintain the historic buildings and grounds.

Most of the open space was given to the city and Garfield Township for parkland.

The success of the redevelopment of the Commons is evident at 11th and Division.

Future plans are dependant upon knowing that a small acreage will be available to plan for the best future for this intersection.

Vote "yes" to ensure a future solution to this dangerous intersection.

Carol Hale

Traverse City

Opportunity exists

Exactly two years ago I wrote a similar letter to the editor pointing out the largesse extended by Michigan PACs and lobbyists to our deep-pocketed representative, Wayne Schmidt. PAC envelopes filled with thousands of dollars still find their way into Wayne's mailbox suggesting these groups must be getting their money's worth.

An opportunity exists to elect someone who will represent us — not the play-for-pay crowd. Betsy Coffia is smart, progressive, and not beholden to special interest groups — only to the people. Please vote Betsy Coffia for state representative and send a breath of fresh air to Lansing.

Ann Laurence

Traverse City

Energetic, educated

Voters in Grand Traverse County's 104th House District would be well served by the election of Betsy Coffia.

Betsy is very concerned about the influence of "big money" in our political system, and has set an example for all would-be elected officials by accepting no money from any PAC or special interest group.

Her goals include preserving and maintaining the livability of our area while providing residents access to employment opportunities capable of providing health, dignity, and "living" wages.

She is energetic, educated, willing to listen and deserves the opportunity to represent the 104th.

John Merica

Traverse City

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