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January 14, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 01/14/2014

Knows his purpose

If Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty ever wondered what his purpose on earth was, now he knows. This family could change the road we have been going down if they will stand firm against anyone who tries to silence them and if we who are called by His name will humble ourselves, pray and seek the courage to stand for the truth. Then and only then will this land be healed.

I support Phil 100 percent and hope the family will realize what a gem they have in him and his beliefs. His right to speak is guaranteed.

Paul Nepote

Traverse City

Thank a young person

If you see a young person you should thank them for taking it on the chin. They actually voted for Obama and Obamacare, so now they are ready to get out there and work to start paying the piper.

Oh, those jobs aren't really out there? Tuition keeps rising, interest rates will go up, the national debt will be theirs to pay off, etc., etc. So much for our educational system teaching economics and government.

Obamacare is compared to Social Security and Medicare when it started up, which won't be there for their generation either. Anyways, they will get a job and pay the high deductible which will be like not having insurance at all except for catastrophic. All the birth control and abortions won't be free for them.

Anyways, you will know what the people not working will be doing. (By the way, was the war on women really about women on their backs wanting birth control and abortions?) As a man it sounds like a lot less responsibility. Did Bill Clinton come up with that? That dirty dog.

Anyway, don't be all depressed, paint on a smiley face and enjoy the New Year.

Marc Purkiss

Traverse City

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