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June 11, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 06/11/2013

First, get a permit

Last year we had a large maple tree removed by the city on its right of way. This was shortly after Elmers Crane and Dozer had finished its complete reconstruction of Elmwood Street. It was beautiful, new sewer, asphalt and curbs and sidewalks. The street was narrowed so we had about a 10-foot right of way between the sidewalk and street.

Elmers groomed the right of way with black dirt and hydro-seed. The city, in removing the tree, drove a boom truck, dump trucks and loaders over the virgin earth right of way, leaving ruts a foot deep when removing the tree. They also cracked 10 feet of sidewalk. They just raked the packed soil over the right of way and threw down seed. The soil was three to four inches below grade in that area. Two weeks later they removed the sidewalk - more loaders and dump trucks, more ruts. All in all, it was a bad experience and it still is not fixed.

Next time, hire a professional, but be sure to get a permit.

A frustrated homeowner.

Rodger and

Corey Rexilius

Traverse City

Two words for this

We are the second-highest state in the nation for gas on Tuesday, June 4, but we beg tourists please come to Michigan to see our beautiful sights. Our Pure Michigan ads have run in the millions for tourists to come here.

There is no way if I was a tourist would I come up here when gas jumps all over the place every week. There are just as many states with beautiful sights to see and the money tourists will save will pay for more fun.

We are way above most states for gas. We never stay the same price no matter what. I know that the fuel these companies are receiving around here is one price when it is tanked in so there is no reason every week we jump up 30 cents a gallon. There are only two words for this: price gouging.

Debbie Elliott

Traverse City

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