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March 4, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 03/04/2014

Give us a chance

OK, you know who you are. You are the guys who meet the truck the second it pulls into the sport shops the big box stores, etc., with your wife, your brother-in-law, cousin Ed, and your fifth grade teacher, then buy up all the ammunition the store will allow your group to purchase. Aren’t 10 thousand rounds of .22 ammo enough?

What about the guys who want to buy just one box for hunting or plinking cans and can never find any? This has been going on for months. Please stop so the rest of us have a chance.

Brian Gerring

South Boardman

‘No’ to ‘Dollywood’

I am writing regarding the possible sale of property in Kasson Township by local residents to a citizen of another country whose purpose is to develop our pristine piece of heaven into a commercial, environmentally detrimental airwalk park, aka “Dollywood.”

If sold and with zoning approval our Pure Michigan Kasson Township/Glen Lake area (which is the envy of the world) would witness the mass importation of artificiality that would produce neither beauty of goodwill, but rather chaos and unbelievable destruction, as well as monumental traffic.

So to those in a position to allow this to happen, I ask, is it not enough to treasure and cherish our area? Are we not all caretakers of our areas’ pristine beauty, which drew us here in the first place?

Imagine all the people who will be negatively affected by allowing wealth and greed to supersede values.

Remember, we the people wield great power. It is now or never. Say “no” to the carpetbaggers who would desecrate our land for personal profit.

Pauline Myers

Maple City

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