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October 23, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 10/23/2012

Gas, wind together

The Oct. 5 Forum by Jim MacInnes was interesting and thoughtfully presented alternative energy sources to fill the gap when wind power is not available. One not mentioned is the use of generators powered by gas turbine engines fueled with natural gas. Natural gas-fueled power plants have been used for peaking for more than a decade, and with abundant natural gas being developed and available in the United States, natural gas is cheaper than coal as a fuel source for power plants.

An example of how natural gas and wind power can be complementary exists in northwestern Ohio. For about 14 miles along U.S. Route 30 from Van Wert to the Indiana border, dozens of windmills have been erected north of the highway for power generation in the flat prairie farmland. With few woodlots where trees can impede the wind, this area seems well suited for wind power. On the south side of the same highway, a natural gas-fueled power plant is also connected to the power grid. When the wind is calm, this plant can provide power.

Natural gas is another option that should be considered, and perhaps this resource could come from Michigan, further boosting the state's economy.

Gary S. Logsdon

Lake Ann

Let your voice be heard

I say hooray for Acme and Peninsula townships and Traverse City for adopting ordinances for limiting the personal use of fireworks. God willing, Elmwood Township in Leelanau County will be next.

It is vital that all citizens concerned about the overuse of fireworks by their neighbors call their township supervisor and attend their township board meetings and let their voices be heard during public comment.

Any township supervisor or board member who does not take more seriously the wellbeing of their citizens over the violent play of a discourteous few should be voted out of office.

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