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August 29, 2013

Titans will rely on offensive line

TRAVERSE CITY — Tyler Town is a large individual.

At 250 pounds, he makes many people seem downright diminutive.

So when you consider that he is the lightest — yes, you read that right — player on the Traverse City West offensive line, it's kind of a surprise.

"I'm one of the smallest on the line. It makes me feel bad," Town joked.

Obviously, that line is expected to a be a strength for the Titans, who are trying to literally live up to their mascot's big ways.

Some spots are a little up in the air, but West's line could be left tackle Thiyo Lukusa (6-5, 300 pounds), Connor Hayes (6-3, 295), Town at center, Tommy Roush (6-3, 270) and Jake Cerny (6-4, 260).

"We've got a big offensive line," wide receiver Geordon Carter said. "I think everyone around town knows that. We've got a lot of good skill players and two good, young quarterbacks competing for that job. Hopefully, we'll be running the ball a lot."

Then he thinks about it a second, remembers that he plays wide receiver, and corrects himself a bit. "I don't know why I said, 'Run the ball,'" he jokes.

And three of those players are sophomores — Lukusa, Roush and Cerny.

"They have a heck of a lot of potential, but they definitely need to prove they can play with us," Town said. "They've got the size and strength.

"We have a lot of talent, but we need to focus it in and step it up from where our practices are. We really need to improve."

Hayes has signed with Pittsburgh, Lukusa already has a scholarship offer from Michigan State despite not starting a game on varsity, Roush is getting Division 1 looks and head coach Tom Wooer said Cerny will be getting recruited soon enough.

Head coach Tim Wooer tries to temper expectations, but it's also evident that he's excited about the unit's potential to dominate games.

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