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July 18, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 07/18/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — BATA concerns

OK, I couldn’t even read the rest of the paper before responding to the front page story about BATA.

I have watched, read and listened to everything about BATA’s new system. I was skeptical, to say the least. As mainly a winter rider I wondered about standing in the freezing cold waiting for a bus to come along. I also live in Elmwood Township like the lady featured in the article.

I would like to suggest to Tom Menzel that BATA can’t “efficiently” pay him to come up with ideas such as this one. Perhaps the level of complaints will rise as cold weather returns and ridership increases.

I wish Tom Menzel would do the entire BATA ridership a favor and admit he was wrong. This is a terrible idea.

Grant Mendicki

Traverse City

Obstructing Obamacare

The June 26 editorial of the Record-Eagle got it right. The decision of Republicans in the Michigan Senate to abandon ship and go on vacation rather than vote on expanding Medicaid is both disgraceful and stupid.

Not only are they preventing healthcare coverage to almost a half-million people who currently lack it, they are refusing billions of federal dollars to subsidize this expansion. These tax dollars will be sent to other states to use for their healthcare instead, and depriving our hospital systems of this critical aid. So while lacking a humanitarian outlook for Michigan citizens, they are also lacking their fiduciary responsibility. All in the name of obstructing Obamacare and ameliorating Tea Party threats to oppose them in an upcoming primary. Even Gov. Snyder is trying to chase them down to return and do their jobs.

Contributing to this folly was Rep. Ray Franz, who voted against the expansion, and Sen. Darwin Booher, whose office reported he would likely vote against it, as well.

Let’s hope that Michigan citizens remember this display of political expediency over the good of the people come the next election.

Mary Easthope

Lake Leelanau

Job killer

In your “Our View” of June 26, “Medicaid vanishing act new low for Legislature,” you wrote that those “quake in their boots” state Senate Republicans threw away the opportunity to “save” billions of dollars by approving Gov. Synder’s lead in expanding Medicaid coverage.

Your argument was that the federal government would pay the cost of the billions for Obamacare. Who do you think funds the federal government? The same government that puts us in a $17 trillion hole while collecting Obamacare funds (taxes) with no payout, a government that has trillions of dollars of unfunded liabilities for our future generations to pay.

You say that Obamacare is not going away. It is not near in place to begin in 2014. Major proponent Sen. Baucus, Montana, said it is going to be a “train wreck.” It is not a sure thing. Most states have not approved state exchanges and insurance companies don’t have the information to prepare to bid for the services to be covered.

The progressives and Obama rejected any discussion of alternative options. There were several intelligent differences that would provide coverage and contain costs. Obamacare costs are proving to be a job killer and anything but affordable.

Wes Nelson

Traverse City