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May 30, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 05/30/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — On the Holocaust


Brian Spencer’s letter of May 22 is one of the more odious pieces to appear in the paper in some time. In his attempt to vilify the president, he has trivialized the Holocaust. His effort to compare “a conservative in this country” to a Jew in Hitler’s Germany is factually wrong and morally repellent. I suspect he knows this, but hey, if it will slander the president, by all means use it.

I care not what Spencer does in private with his paranoid fantasies. He can listen to talk radio 24/7. He can organize a Glenn Beck fan club, making himself a sort of Beck-ian mouseketeer. What he or any of us cannot do is vent our spleen in public, trivialize the horrors of the Final Solution and not expect a public condemnation.

One final point: Spencer’s “conservatism” does not descend from Goldwater, or from Reagan. It does share much with the John Birchers, with McCarthy and further back, the Irish-hating Know-Nothing Party of the 19th century. Not a terrific ancestry.

Jim McAndrews

Maple City


Don’t miss the chairs

As a supporter of local economy I shop a hardware store situated on top of “Green Hill”. This is old-school for the intersection of Zimmerman, east, west and Silver Lake Roads. This hardware is Gill-Roys. One of the best parts of entering the warm seasons of northern Michigan is when this crew of employees puts out a wonderful, colorful, positive display of chairs. If you’ve ever seen this you know what I mean. After talking to the manager today while he was outside working he informed me that the township will no longer allow them to display these chairs outside on that great showcase corner. That chair display makes that corner brilliant in the summer. Whoever is enforcing this should be ashamed and taken out of office. I’ll miss seeing those chairs displayed on that hillside.

Ken Kininston

Traverse City


Gun control anger

It’s ironic that the subject of gun control evokes anger in many, and it is anger that causes much of our gun violence. Anger does not help in solving the gun violence problem; it only creates a greater barrier to finding a solution.

Here are some facts about gun control:

Gun control does not work. Proof: Washington, D.C., Chicago and Los Angeles have some of the country’s toughest gun laws, yet these cities have very high rates of gun violence. Gun free zones do not work.

Proof: Tragedies at Columbine High School, Sandy Hook Elementary School, Fort Hood and numerous shootings at work places, malls and churches throughout the country. Gun control laws do not stop criminals from having guns. Proof: Criminals have guns.

Some people believe that a total gun ban would stop the violence. Gun bans do not work. Proof: Where countries have banned guns, violence against people rose. Examples: Russia under Joseph Stalin, Nazi Germany under Hitler, the Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot. Gun bans allow violence to happen, not reduce it.

Can gun violence be reduced? Controlling our anger might be a place to start.

James Constantine