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April 11, 2013

Police: Driver crashed into cars, had .455 BAC

TRAVERSE CITY — A Traverse City man who has driven drunk in the past is accused of getting behind the wheel with a blood-alcohol content more than five times the legal limit and crashing into several cars.

Police said blood test results from a Munson Medical Center lab indicate Scott Brady, 48, had a blood-alcohol content of .455 on April 3 when he crashed into several parked cars along Union Street at about 3:30 p.m., police said. No one was injured.

Brady was arraigned Wednesday in 86th District Court for felony third-offense operating while intoxicated and several misdemeanor counts including operating with a revoked license and failure to report a property damage accident, according to court records.

Brady was convicted of drunk driving offenses in 2009, 2004 and 1987, court records show. At the time of the most recent incident, Brady was free on bond for an arrest about a week prior for driving with a suspended license, according to court documents.

Traverse City Police Capt. Brian Heffner said officers found Brady “incoherent” in a parked pickup truck near Union and 7th streets. Police transported him to Munson Medical Center because of his apparent level of intoxication.

In his 25 years with the department, Heffner said he hasn’t encountered a drunk driver with such a high a blood-alcohol level.

“I’ve never seen anyone with a blood-alcohol content level that high able to drive a car,” he said.

Heffner continued, it’s “very fortunate that somebody wasn’t injured crossing the street or in one of those cars that was hit.”

A blood-alcohol level near that of the suspect’s typically leads to unconsciousness or death, said Dr. Mac Calder, an emergency medicine physician with Munson Medical Center.

“Someone with that high of a blood-alcohol content who was awake and driving is a seasoned drinker,” he said. “Someone like that who has an alcohol tolerance can develop a very high blood-alcohol content and be functional.”

Court records show Brady posted 10 percent of $25,000 bond.

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