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December 5, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 12/05/2013

Substandard policy

I for one am happy that the Affordable Care Act is setting minimum standards for insurance company benefits. You might think twice before you try to keep your substandard policy.

In 2004 I had a substandard policy, but I thought that I had adequate health insurance. I broke my elbow in a bicycle accident that required surgery. My insurance policy at the time had a cap of $1,000 on outpatient services, and my elbow repair was not covered for any excess beyond $1,000. Insured yes, but I was indebted to the hospital for over $7,000. Oh, and that insurance policy cost a healthy middle-aged woman $270 per month 10 years ago.

Before you ask your insurance company to reissue your substandard policy think twice about what your benefits actually are.

I am happy that President Obama and the Democrats worked so hard to make health care better for everyone. I will not vote for any public official that does not support the Affordable Care Act and neither should you.

Beryl Striewski

Traverse City

Improper use of Vasa

Skiing the Vasa Trail Saturday morning was beautiful until I came upon the trail completely ruined for cross country skiing by the tracks and indentation of fat tire mountain bikes. Their tracks had sunk in about six inches, making skiing almost impossible.

This trail was made for multiple non-motorized uses during the months when there is no snow on the trail. However, its purpose when there is snow covering the trail is for cross country skiing. It has developed into one of the most beautiful and well known cross country ski trails in the Midwest.

I fear that TART is going to suffer financially if this continues as skiers have told me that they don’t intend to donate if this continues. This financial impact includes the whole area as people make it a destination to come and ski the trail.

George Lombard

Traverse City

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