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June 13, 2013

Drink fruits and veggies for energy, nutrients

TRAVERSE CITY — Juicing has been around a very long time, but in recent years it has come into vogue as a regular diet regime.

“The U.S. government tells us we should be eating nine to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables a day and we’re just not eating them,” said Heather Campbell, a registered dietitian. “Juicing is a simple, really good way to increase that intake.”

Campbell, who co-owns Shoreline Center for Healing in Traverse City with husband, Jeff, teaches “Juicing for Health,” a class on extracting juice from produce. Drinking fruits and veggies is an option for getting enough of those food groups, which supply necessary nutrients and antioxidants.

Her goal is to get people to realize that there’s nothing to be afraid of and no right or wrong combination of fruits and veggies when creating a juice.

“Don’t be afraid to experiment. You can never have too many fruits and vegetables,” said Campbell, who uses a wide-mouth juicing machine — hers cost about $150 — because it takes whole fruits and vegetables to eliminate chopping and has few parts, for easy cleanup.

“Juice also tastes great, jump-starts your metabolism and boosts your immune system,” she added.

This juice bears little resemblance to the pasteurized orange or apple juice readily available on grocer’s shelves. Homemade is cold-pressed from fresh, preferably organic veggies and fruit.

Edson Farms began offering juices at its juice bar about 15 years ago, said co-owner Jessica Edson. Popular juice varieties include the “Caligula,” a combination of beets, carrots, celery and orange juice, and the “Greenhouse,” a mixture of spinach, sprouts, carrots and cucumbers.

She said juicing fruits and vegetables differs from blending them, a relatively new trend that results in “green smoothies.”

“When you’re juicing, you’re just getting the liquid. The fiber part of the vegetables and fruit are spit out into another compartment (of the machine). When you’re blending, you get everything,” she said. “I personally like the juice. It agrees better with me.”

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