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October 31, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 10/31/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Worked tirelessly

In 2010, our City Commission unanimously passed the non-discrimination ordinance. The following year, a small group of residents filed petitions to place the issue before city voters.

Ross Richardson worked tirelessly that autumn to educate the community about the ordinance’s accomplishments, and he was a key organizer in getting this progressive new policy upheld (which was, by 63 percent of the vote).

Because of Ross’ work and the energy of many others, Traverse City now extends equal rights to the LBGT community in employment, housing and public accommodations.Please support Ross Richardson in his campaign for City Commission.

Rick Shimel

Traverse City

Impressive background

Knowing Tim Werner for 13 years, I feel he’s an excellent choice for city commissioner. Tim brings an impressive science and engineering background and extensive volunteer experience on boards and commissions to his candidacy. His integrity and ability to listen and communicate in a positive, non-judgmental way are invaluable. Tim looks long-term at the big picture when strategizing for ways to problem solve and cares that taxpayers get the best value for their dollars. If your priorities are improving infrastructure and having safe access to the many indoor and outdoor activities TC offers, Tim Werner deserves your vote.

Connie Nichols

Traverse City

An ability to listen

We are lucky that someone of the caliber of Ross Richardson is running for City Commission. Ross is dedicated to public service, as witnessed by his two terms as County Commissioner and three years on the city Planning Commission. Ross bases his decisions on extensive research and an ability to listen to citizen concerns and translate those concerns into policy. Ross favors limiting festival use of the Open Space, letting TIF expire as promised,and maintaining the high standards we expect from our fire department. I will be voting for Ross Richardson come Nov. 5.

Elizabeth Whelan

Traverse City

Still has support

While some voters may focus on Mayor Estes’ recent failure, I choose to focus on the many positive aspects of his public service to Traverse City. Crumbling streets and sidewalks used to be the norm. Estes changed that. Year after year the improvements continue. Neighborhood residents were ignored in their opposition to the Federated parking deck. Estes help change that, too. And now residents want more use of the parks they pay for.

I know Estes will respond with the same leadership he has demonstrated so many times before. Estes has earned my vote and still has my support.

Christine Maxbauer

Traverse City

The writer is a Grand Traverse County Commissioner.

Children are our future

I am in support of the Traverse City Area Public Schools Nov. 5 bond proposals. We have an outstanding school system with high-quality teachers and staff. This investment will assure that members of our school community have the needed resources.

Our children are our future, and quality educational opportunities have proven to make a positive difference. We are blessed to live in an area where people care and support our youth. Please join me in voting “yes” on the two bond proposals. It is an investment that will pay dividends.

Jim Pavelka

Traverse City

The writer is a former Traverse City Area Public Schools superintendent.

A dedicated individual

We have known Pat McGuire for over 30 years. During that time, we have encountered very few people who have been as dedicated and disciplined as Pat — in his family life, professionally, and personally.

He has spent almost his entire adult life in Traverse City. For two years, he has been the chair of the City Light and Power board and has brought a consistent voice to the board during a difficult time.

Pat McGuire would bring a voice of fiscal responsibility to the City Commission and would be a dedicated, prepared commission member. Please join us in supporting Pat.

Bill and Mary Smith

Traverse City

A reasoned voice

Tim Werner will be the thoughtful, discerning and reasoned voice city residents need. Tim has given his time and intellectual talents to projects large and small. You can find him organizing activities that benefit adults and children in both education and recreation. You can see him on foot and bike with his family in the various neighborhoods he will work hard to understand and improve. Tim knows how to find facts. He will put our resources to good use with no hidden agenda.

Vote for Tim Werner on Election Day.

Maria Carroll

Traverse City

For TC’s best interests

I am privileged to personally know and support two candidates for City Commission in this next election, Gary Howe and Tim Werner. Both are intelligent and informed citizens who strive to fully understand the ins and outs of every issue using facts, experts, tested methodology, and sound reason before making judgment.

Both are also the first to challenge their own preconceived opinions or personal biases. If you want honest, smart, and easily approachable elected officials working for Traverse City’s best interests, please consider Tim Werner and Gary Howe.

Bill Clark

Traverse City

Quality of schools counts

Research shows the value of a house in an area associated with a better school increases as school quality increases. Studies confirm that houses associated with a low-ranking school are essentially valued on physical characteristics while houses associated with higher-quality schools command a much higher price premium. As a Traverse City real estate agent, I can confirm "quality of schools" is a top factor for families with children to consider when buying a home.

The Traverse City Area Public Schools proposals on the Nov. 5 ballot will help ensure a strong public school system. Vote "yes" for TCAPS.

Shawn Smith

Traverse City

Sees the big picture

I encourage City residents to vote for Pat McGuire to fill one of the open seats on the City Commission. I work with Pat on the Light & Power Board where he now serves as chair. Pat has demonstrated fine leadership qualities and his commitment to the city. Pat has a financial background that is invaluable in almost every decision faced by the Commission. He is a reasonable, thoughtful person. He sees the big picture and knows the value of keeping everything in balance. He does not have a single-issue, personal agenda. Please, elect Pat.

Barbara D. Budros

Traverse City

The writer is a Traverse City Commissioner.

A new thinker

Who is Tim Werner ? Tim Werner is a fresh, new thinker who brings a voice of reason, intelligence and action to our City Commission. He believes in getting things done with a positive, thoughtful and well-defined solution.

Tim is a consensus builder with a simple agenda:

1 ) Identify the task at hand;

2 ) Collect objective data for a decision;

3 ) Act decisively in the best interest of our entire community.

There you have it. Tim Werner is clear, concise and to the point. Now, isn't that a refreshing description of political leadership?

Tim Werner deserves our vote.

Bil Anderson

Traverse City

A voice of reason

Many candidates are asking for your vote in this year’s City Commission race.

Ross Richardson is a candidate with experience as a two-term County Commissioner and former member of TC’s Planning Commission. He’s been a successful small business owner for over 35 years, making him a “proven winner.”

Top issues facing the new Commission will be the status of our fire/rescue services and maintaining more control over bayfront festivals.

Ross has the background to tackle multiple scenarios with a voice of reason, listening to all sides when making decisions.

Join me in voting for Ross Richardson.

Mary Jean McLin

Traverse City

Thoughtful leadership

Tim Werner brought solid, thoughtful leadership to the Planning Commission; now it’s time to bring his long-term perspective to the City Commission. Tim is not a "single-issue" candidate. He will work to build consensus and to take an unemotional look at the issues - traffic, jobs, tourism and development.

Since moving here three years ago after a lifetime overseas with the State Department, we were greatly impressed to become part of a city that is growing, family-friendly and safe, albeit not without problems. Tim Werner will add a solid, sensible voice to the City Commission.

Jack D. Segal

Traverse City

Investment worthwhile

I have been fortunate in the last few months to be able to attend some musical/theater productions at the local high schools. On Oct. 14, 17 northern Michigan schools presented their marching bands’ halftime programs at Thirlby Field. Each performance from either a smaller school or from the very large ones was outstanding.

Music can have such a positive influence in a young person’s life. Despite the impact of increased taxes, I think that the investment, in time and dollars, made in our young people as evidenced by the marching bands’ programs is very worthwhile.

Donna Daciuk

Traverse City

An experienced leader

Ross Richardson is the best candidate for the City Commission. Ross is experienced and tested. Ross Richardson is a business owner and an experienced political leader. He was an elected member of the County Commission. Ross Richardson will represent all the people of Traverse City, not just the few.

Electing Ross Richardson is electing a seasoned citizen who understands local government.

Richard H. Crampton

Traverse City

Millage will raise $5 million

A one-mill tax increase in Benzie County will raise approximately $1 million per year for five years. Lake Township will produce approximately $1 million total. The villages and Frankfort will get about $144,769. This leaves $943,400. Half of the remaining $943,400, or $471,700, goes to the Road Commission; $471,400 will be split among the 12 townships for road improvements.

Lake Township residents can view a map at the township hall showing the first-year construction plan. The only township road is a portion of Sutter Road. There is no plan after the first year.

William Robinson


The writer is Lake Township supervisor.