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April 4, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 04/04/2013

What’s the answer?

Can anybody tell me exactly what the bad, good, and the ugly on this topic is? I have researched the issue online, and in depth; the only thing I can infer is that everybody is lying. What are the risks to the depletion by overuse of groundwater? There seems to be no concrete evidence either way. The economic dollar injection into Michigan’s economy seems to be a much-needed remedy; however, if researching this subject, you cannot get a logical answer.

Fracking is in our backyards as we speak, collectively, I believe our inquests are not inept.

Paul Fields

Traverse City

Thanks to governor

Have you done your Michigan income taxes? I’m too old to pay taxes on my pension. However, I will not get back part of my property taxes like in 2012. That is gone. Haven’t you noticed all the new minimum-wage jobs created by small businesses that got taxes cut to create them? We got tax increases. Michigan unemployment is just two points higher than the nation. Thank you so much Gov. Snyder and the Republican-controlled Legislature.

Don Dierkes


Streets need money

I read the Record-Eagle article indicating that city residents may be voting on whether they would support tapping into the $13.2 million Brown Bridge Trust Fund to upgrade municipal parks or boost restoration efforts at the Brown Bridge Dam area. Who has decided they should be a priority? What about our streets? I am a city resident and our streets are a mess. Our streets affect me every single day. How safe do you feel crossing a dark street at night knowing that you could step into a pothole? They deserve more attention than the parks and Brown Bridge Dam area. They are a mess and they are dangerous. We don’t need patching. We need repaving. I spend much of the summer on my bike. Will it be safe for me and safe for our children who ride? What about all our summer visitors, our cyclist and motorcyclists? Any money available needs to go to our streets. For me they are the priority. How do they affect you?

Alan Newton

Traverse City

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