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March 13, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 03/13/2014

An unequivocal “F”

Several weeks ago in an opinion letter, I was asked how I would grade another president regarding attacks on Americans at foreign posts.

Well, if the president or his State Department had been warned specifically about the impending attack by the ambassador and done nothing, and if the president upon hearing of the attack had gone to bed so he would be rested for a campaign fund raising speech, and if the president had sent out people to mislead the American people about the facts of the attack, and if the president stood in front of the UN and misled the world about the facts of the attack, and if the president promised to bring the responsible terrorists to justice and almost a year and a half later nothing had been done, and if the president appeared more concerned about politics instead of policy , then I would give that president an unequivocal “F.”

John McCombs

Traverse City


Propane exports climb

Having read a number of articles about the high cost of propane I noticed that few, if any, covered the large jump in U.S propane exports that started in 2011.

Dating back to 1975 and then forward, the average number exported (in thousands of barrels/day) were around 50,000 per day. This held steady until 2011 when a steep upward climb appeared and in 31/2 years has grown to 400,000 barrels/day — and still climbing.

I would think an eight-fold increase might at least be investigated by someone.

(source: n=PET&s= MPREXUS2&f=M)

Frederick Ide


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