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April 30, 2014

Raw Juice Company presses produce into tasty drinks

TRAVERSE CITY – Think of a glass of juice from Raw Juice Company as pounds of produce carefully pressed into 16 ounces.

And it’s not just the typical fruit juices like orange, apple or grape. Raw Juice Company juices ingredients from kale to celery, giving customers a range of vitamins.

“We take those ingredients we want to put in because they’re great for you and your body feels amazing after you consume them, then we add them in with strategic fruits, herbs and spices that make it a little more tasty,” Alexis Parrin said.

Parrin, Michelle Corteggiano and Om Café owner Jason Thibodeau opened Raw Juice Company and sold their first glass of juice on April 16. They offer a constantly changing menu of juices made using a cold-press Norwalk Juicer.

Parrin said cold-pressed juicing makes juices with higher vitamin contents than other methods, but there’s a trade-off. It takes the trio an hour to make a dozen 16-ounce juices.

The work is worth it for Corteggiano, who started juicing four years ago. She said the practice improved her health and is a staple of her daily routine, and she’s enthusiastic about bringing it to Traverse City.

“It’s the best replacement in the world for coffee,” she said.

Raw Juice Company sells juices out of the Om Café, and plans to distribute to other locations and sell from a bicycle cart that will tour downtown and the beach. The business will stay in the midtown building home to the Om Café and The Parlor, and eventually will share space with The Parlor and operate as a juice bar during the day and cocktail bar at night.

Sixteen-ounce juices are $9.50.

The timing was right for the trio to embark on a new business. Parrin is a professional drink mixer, Corteggiano knows the ins and outs of digital marketing, Thibodeau runs a successful food business and all three are healthy food enthusiasts.

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