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April 2, 2014

AT&T turns on 4GE LTE network

TRAVERSE CITY — AT&T spokesperson Teresa Mask said customers should see more reliable service and Internet connection since the company switched on its new 4G LTE system.

“You’ll know because of the faster speeds,” Mask said. “You should see fewer dropped calls too, because it’s going to be more reliable than any of our other networks.”

AT&T updated the equipment on its Traverse City towers to run a 4G LTE, or long-term evolution, network that moves large data files like photographs faster than the 4G or 3G networks it used before. It was an 18-month project that reaches Traverse City and parts of the surrounding counties.

“It’s the latest technology for cellular data transmission,” said AT&T spokesperson Jim Kimberley. “It achieves speeds and the ability to move large data files much more quickly and efficiently. There’s less latency, less delay, and it’s much more efficient in transferring data, which is how people use their smart devices today.”

Media Relations Manager for the Traverse City Visitors Bureau Mike Norton said visitors from big cities are used to great cell phone service and often rely on smart phone maps, Internet connection and apps to get around.

“Increasing the availability of cell service and the reliability is obviously a good thing,” Norton said. “That’s a no-brainer.”

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