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February 17, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 02/17/2013


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Michigan not for sale

While President Obama won Michigan in November, Republicans successfully invested millions of dollars in local elections. Proposal 2 was defeated by a well-financed campaign that included $2 million from Dick DeVos's family, $2 million from casino owner Sheldon Adelson, and $500,000 from Texas industrialist Harold Simmons.

According to the Dec. 17 New York Times, DeVos contacted Gov. Snyder, stating Proposal 2's defeat indicated Michigan was ready to deal a crippling blow to unions. The Michigan Freedom Fund, founded by a DeVos company employee, donated $1 million to support Right To Work legislation. Americans for Prosperity, founded by billionaires David and Charles Koch, had volunteers make thousands of calls to Michigan citizens encouraging support of Right To Work. The legislation passed without public debate.

The Republican State Leadership Committee and Karl Rove's super PAC, dedicated to increasing Republican control of state legislatures, spent over $1.6 million to help Republicans win the Michigan State House. Don't Republicans believe in local control?

When money equals free speech, the super-rich have more opportunities to speak than ordinary citizens. When Dick DeVos and his wealthy out-of-state friends show up at election time, let them know Michigan is not for sale.

Linda Egeler

Elk Rapids

Where's the outrage?

The liberal and biased press had a field day in the recent school shooting in Newtown, Conn. The stories were fast and wild for the first few days, a lot of it fiction.

Now the anti-gun people, from our president on down, are proposing many more restrictions on guns. The only thing this will do is infringe on the Second Amendment and harass the legal gun owner. Every law was broken by the shooter, why should a few more stop him? Why don't our fearless elected leaders go after the real causes of this crime? Why don't we enforce the laws we already have?

We need to examine the culture of the United States. We seem to be obsessed with violence, from the press, TV, movies, video games, etc.

Our children are exposed to this from infants. Our elected leaders say things meant to deceive instead of the whole truth. Add to this no personal responsibility, no self control, if it feels good, do it.

There are many more.

We were full of outrage at the shooting, as we should be, but where is the outrage at the killing of 55 million unborn children since allowed by our Supreme Court?

Jerome E Bufka

Maple City