Traverse City Record-Eagle

August 4, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 08/04/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Think about it

A recent United Nations report warns that in just 20 years demand for water will exceed supply in critical areas. Do you really think that this won’t impact us? Who will be coveting Michigan’s abundance? Already there are conflicts in the American West over water between cities with growing demands and farmers who grow our food.

Water is a finite resource. All the fresh water there ever was, or will be, is on Earth now and 20 percent of it is in the Great Lakes watershed .

Threats to our precious water are already here. Pollution and invasive species are a part of this. Climate change, diversion and extraction are depleting the availability of clean water in Pure Michigan. We allow the taking of up to 30 million gallons/well for the hydro-fracking process, poison it with numerous chemicals that don’t have to be disclosed, and it is then forever unusable. What will that do to the needs of people and the ecosystems that support us? What will happen to our Pure Michigan economy, one that is based on tourism and agriculture?

We need a change of consciousness. Think about it.

Ann Rogers

Traverse City

Swans unprotected

We’re saddened that the illegal acts of ignorant humans have led to the destruction of this wonderful male swan and the breaking up of this beautiful family. Sadly, there is no more that can be done for the father swan that was simply protecting his family.

We do understand that once the male swan was driven to aggression, action had to be taken; and we support the efforts of the Silver Lake Improvement Association to deal with the problem. We disagree with the Department of Natural Resources (Do Not Rescue?) approach. We humans brought these birds to our country because they were beautiful and now we kill them because they are “invasive.”

We fear that the female and three cygnets are at risk for, and now unprotected from, continued illegal harassment. We have personally observed harassment of the loon family on Silver Lake. We hope that all Silver Lake boaters will appreciate the blessing that these birds are as part of the reason why northern Michigan is considered “God’s Country.”

Charles and Gloria Fricke

Traverse City