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November 3, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 11/3/2013

Why not ‘do no harm’

Thank you for the AP article “Argentines wary of agrochemicals.” After reading the article, I thought the headline could have read “Agrochemicals seriously sickening Argentineans agro field workers.” These lethal agrochemicals are seriously sickening agro workers and local residents, if not consumers, all over the world. (PBS Newshour Sunday or Saturday about Hawaii agrochems possibly sickening local residents.)

These agro policies benefitting these maleficent companies must stop.

We’re supposed to have a new farm bill in Congress, which has been postponed while the Republican clowns staged their world-defying little show recently.

Can’t we please have more natural, healthy sustainable farming methods that do not sicken our people, bees and butterflies and all other species?

Why is business not adopting the motto “Do no harm” in their research and products and practices?

Humanity should have a right to live and work in an unpolluted and healthy natural world.

That is what should be created in this millennium, now.

Let us have the foresight, wisdom and courage to build on our local sustainable, organic or non-polluting, agricultural practices and markets here in our northwest Michigan areas.

Miriam Godoshian


Claims were in error

On Oct. 12 a letter to the editor appeared in the Record-Eagle titled “Prisons do it wrong.” The author based her information on alleged assertions from an advocacy group “Humanity for Prisoners.”

The claim made included inmates struggling without basic health care, mental health care, adequate sanitation supplies or toilet paper, adequate heating/cooling, adequate sewage disposal due to overcrowding, and no preparation for release. In addition, “abusive treatment by guards” is claimed. As a retired officer of the Michigan Department of Corrections, I can assure the author as well as the interested readers that those claims are erroneous and without merit.

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