Traverse City Record-Eagle

November 18, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 11/18


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Plenty of under-40 vets

Cal Thomas' opinion article in Tuesday's paper states, "I doubt that many people under 40 have ever served in the military or even know anyone who has."

Is he forgetting how many military personnel have served in the armed forces since 1973 who are under 40? Currently there are over 2.5 million on active duty. Did he make a typo or am I reading it wrong?

Jim Cousins

Traverse City

Try a smile

Call me old fashioned, but why are we, as consumers not given a "thank you" when we make a purchase?

This is a trend that I have noticed for several years and cannot figure out why the stores and businesses are not training their employees to say this simple, appreciative phrase.

Are they not thankful we spend our hard-earned money at their place of business? When the employee says "have a nice day", it just doesn't cut it with me.

And what is with the sour-looking faces on these employees? Can you not use your facial muscles to form a smile? While we are at it, should you utter the phrase "thank you." look me in the eye. It would make me feel so much better having spent time and money at your business.

Bob Welch

Traverse City

Political referees unfair

Regarding the political cartoon in the Record-Eagle on Nov. 8, does this indicate how the Democrats will work with Republicans in a bipartisanship manner? That is what everyone says is needed in Washington.

Political campaigns are like sporting events. There are two teams and there are referees to control the game and make sure it is played fairly. The mainstream news media are the referees. In the Obama/Romney campaign the referees were not making sure the game was being played fairly but were in fact rooting for President Obama.

Your cartoon and many others articles in your paper is evidence of this. It was impossible for Gov. Romney to defeat President Obama and overcome the biases of the refs even though Gov. Romney was the most qualified presidential candidate in recent history. Instead we chose a rock star.

Too bad for America.

Carl M. Lehto

Traverse City