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December 30, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 12/30/2012

Represent all of us

The right-wing GOP has no regard for democracy or Michigan's electorate. In their lame-duck session they've pushed through anti-choice legislation, further restricting a woman's right to control her body, her access to abortion and birth control.

The GOP has rammed down our throats an emergency manager law we just turned down as an electorate; this new devious legislation doesn't allow discussion or a public vote.

The right wing snuck through the law designed to destroy unions (ugly politics at its worst); right to work for less money is the reality. Republicans stripped funding from education and seniors to provide business tax cuts with no discussion.

The GOP plans to radically change public school education with little public support and no research to back up their assertions of higher quality. Public education is the foundation of any democracy.

Who knows what else they plan (count on an assault on our environment, including water diversion and polluting our lakes — fracking for one). In general, they say one thing and do the opposite.

Please help remind our representatives, Gov. Rick Snyder, Sen. Howard Walker and Rep. Wayne Schmidt, that they need to represent all of us, not just the extreme right wing and ideology of their party.

John McDonald

Traverse City

Mass shootings' price

The 1994 assault weapons ban was at least a start and something to build on to curb the never-ending gun violence and mass shootings we are accepting as the price of Second Amendment rights. This law was allowed to expire in 2004. Since then, the sale of high-capacity magazines and previously banned assault weapons has exploded.

Had the ban remained in place the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre would not have happened as it did. The shooter's mother would not have been able to buy the military-type weapon with its 30-round capacity magazine, which was banned under the 1994 law.

Since this tragedy, not one of the supporters allowing the assault weapons ban to expire in 2004 has come forth to justify their position in allowing the law to expire.

I'm a retired law enforcement officer with 34 years of experience, a gun owner, and support the right to own and carry a handgun with proper authority, i.e., carrying a concealed weapon permit.

Our system of highly paid lobbyists (over 30,000) with unlimited resources representing special interests must stop. Do we really want the best government money can buy? I think not.

William Hoff

Suttons Bay

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