Traverse City Record-Eagle

March 30, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 03/30/2014

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — The clowns are there

Concerning Carl Neer’s March 3 letter, we don’t need to “Send in the Clowns,” all 535 are already in Washington, only they don’t make me laugh. Whenever the clown or clowns speak I get nauseated, be it Republicans or Democrats.

I once knew the presidency was a sacred position. It, too, is now a joke. That’s why I’m not laughing. Evidently the president’s upbringing didn’t include “Be honest” and “Tell the truth” class as it was for many honest Americans, and still is. That doesn’t bother most liberals.

If a person doesn’t have his bond or integrity, his respect is a zero (Business-101).

Ignoring the Constitution time and again, the “I will not sign a Bill with pork in it,” a lie. The infamous, “Keep your healthcare,” a lie. No honesty or integrity in this Oval Office.

Don’t put your party too high on that pedestal; your grin will become a frown.

Republican or Democrat, the 535 do not serve any honest Americans. They serve themselves first always.

Good luck, all. Hopefully the next group of clowns is better.

Maybe they won’t spend my 27 percent income tax check like a bunch of drunken sailors.

Pat Kelley

Traverse City