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February 2, 2014

That's All She Wrote ...


Not everyone was happy with Anderson all of the time. A public official once screamed at her for asking tough questions and filing Freedom of Information Act requests. But “he didn’t stay angry for very long” and truthfully, Anderson has a hard time remembering those moments, she said.

Friendship forged in good journalism occupies the prime real estate of her memory, she said.

“For 156 years, our paper has played an important role in this community and that’s because people are dedicated and they do the work. That’s always going to be what is takes,” Anderson said. “Papers our size – real community papers – have a close connection to their readers. It’s a forum, a place to gain perspective, to see the big picture. And everyone gets to be in it at least twice.”

Maybe a few more times if your name is “Loraine Anderson.”

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