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February 2, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 02/02/2014

Why not bury lines?

The Boardman River Valley is a beautiful place to view, live or recreate (especially in the fall). If you have driven out around the Keystone area this past year you may have noticed the newly installed, big, ugly, 100-foot power poles crisscrossing the valley; it seems that in this modern age they could bury the darn lines. Also, in some cases they are very close or over where people live. Wonder what the health threats are?

Another subject is the old C&O Railroad tracks from Traverse City to Grawn; they are very deteriorated. No train has traveled that route in years, yet all the school buses, gas trucks, etc., must stop at all the crossings.

Leo Gabier

Traverse City



Rethink what’s best

During the Festival of Trains, I was at the History Center every day managing the Choo Choo Café, which was part of the festival. I had the opportunity to overhear many local families who came out for the event. It was obvious that it’s not just the Festival of Trains or the Lego Festival that Traverse City loves. It is the ever-changing exhibits, the hands-on learning experiences and the school visits.

With the continuing Legends programs in the fall and spring and the magical bus tours, the History Center has built a cornerstone to meld the past with the present, and has provided a legacy to build on for future generations.

Bill Kennis, Maddie Buteyn and Peg Siciliano and countless volunteers have joined hands to achieve the success your neighbors are talking about. The elimination of the person who has been instrumental to the changes is indeed a step backward. The needless waste on projects like the splash pad emphasizes the need to rethink what is best for the future of Traverse City.

Shirley Murray

Traverse City



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