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October 28, 2012

Election Letters to the editor: 10/28/2012

Very best candidate

Kirsten Keilitz is a court referee because she was selected by our Circuit judges as the best candidate among a group of qualified lawyers. Being selected was a vote of confidence in Keilitz; her retention shows Keilitz is performing her work responsibly.

Keilitz is respected by many or most lawyers in the area after duly fulfilling her court obligations over time.

Keilitz is the very best candidate for Grand Traverse County Probate Judge: she's already in the system doing judge-like work; she's experienced in managing courtrooms; and, Keilitz has earned the support of many or most in the legal system.

Mike Alanson

Traverse City

Have an opportunity

Traverse City Area Public Schools have always been a great asset to our community, in fact, it is one of the reasons families and professionals move to this area. We must make sure our young people have the facilities and tools they need to compete in Michigan as well as in a global world.

We have an opportunity to help our students and improve our schools by voting "yes" on the bond proposal and voting for incumbent Gary Appel for the TCAPS board of education. Please join me in supporting our schools on Nov. 6.

Jean Howard

Traverse City

Would have insight

Melanie Stanton has practiced in family court for 20 years and probate court for 16 years. She has worked as an attorney for children suffering from abuse and neglect for years. She has worked all sides, defense, prosecution, and as a mediator for eight years. She has worked in the trenches and started many specialty courts. Melanie would be a judge "for the people."

With Melanie's nursing background she would have insights into the decisions regarding competency, mental illness, guardians and termination of parental rights that are decided in Probate Court.

Please vote for Melanie on Nov. 6.

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