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May 13, 2012

Boy, 6, calls 911 for injured mom

CHESANING (AP) — Judy Bila recalled waking up on the ground woozy, feeling the blood behind her head and not able to get up.

While recently cleaning in a storage area in her Chesaning home with her son Braden, Judy lost her balance on the ladder and landed on the cement floor.

She blacked out, and upon awaking, was unable to lift her head.

With her husband out turkey hunting, she turned to 6-year-old Braden.

"When I came to, he still was up in the cubbyhole," Judy Bila said of where they were cleaning. "I said, 'Braden, I need you to come down (the ladder) and help me out.' "He climbed down and called my husband. After he hung up, he called 911, but he kept his composure to talk with them and give me the phone. He stepped up.

"He's my little hero." As she regained consciousness, Judy said, she reached around and felt blood behind her head.

"Braden ran and got me towels, and we made some calls to other family members," Bila said. "I remember him calling my husband, and Braden said, 'I need help, Mom's hurt.'" Bila said she thought she was concussed after the fall to the concrete, about 6 feet from where she stood on the ladder.

"I was not able to lift my head," she said. "I was just kind of numb." Braden stayed with his mother while they called other family members and waited for the ambulance to arrive. Judy's husband, Brad Bila, returned home at roughly the same time the ambulance pulled into the driveway.

"At the time, it was traumatic for (Braden), but for him to keep his composure, I'm very proud of him," he said. "It scared him to death. I'm very, very happy that he was knowledgeable enough. The schools, day cares have taught him that. He was telling me months ago about smoke and fire safety." Bila hasn't been able to thank him enough for knowing what to do and following through.

"I've thanked him numerous times already," he said. "He has a couple of proud parents and a proud family. I'm a very proud father." Judy Bila was taken to Covenant HealthCare in Saginaw, where she received seven staples in her head, and was able to return home later that night.

"I went through CAT scans, and everything came out OK," she said. "I'm very lucky." Calling for help wasn't the only service Braden provided. He was a calming influence for his 2-year-old sister Brooklyn, who was also in a state of panic.

"He had a 2-year-old sister that he was able to calm down while helping me," his mother said. "For seeing the blood on the ground, he did a great job." It's been a big few weeks since Braden turned 6 on April 11. Braden, a kindergarten student at St. Charles Elementary School, shot his first turkey on April 23 — opening day — which he got before both his father and grandfather.

"He was a proud little peacock," Judy Bila said. "My son kept messing with them, saying he got his peacock first. He was so pumped up." She admitted that she isn't sure what she would have done without him there.

"He's definitely a hero in my book," Bila said. "I'm very lucky to have a good kid that knows what to do in a time of need. I was out of it. I told him that you did everything right.

"If I didn't have him, I don't know what I would have done."

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