Traverse City Record-Eagle


March 31, 2014

GOP proposal to split electoral votes still alive


Maine and Nebraska are the only states to not have a winner-take-all system, splitting electoral votes based on congressional district.

“The important thing to understand is that winner-take-all does not work for Michigan,” Lund said.

Presidential elections are decided by a small number of battleground states, he said, and “right now Michigan is not one of those states.” If electoral votes are truly up for grabs, candidates will pay attention and start considering issues relevant in the state, Lund said.

One risk, though, is candidates could see little to no gain by competing for just a few up-for-grabs electoral votes in Michigan knowing there would be bigger winner-take-all prizes elsewhere.

Republican Gov. Rick Snyder has questioned the timing of any change in apportioning electoral votes, saying it makes more sense to wait until closer to the 2020 Census. Yet his refusal to dismiss the proposal out of hand has Democrats worried.

“Let’s debate it now when we’re not talking about specific (2016) candidates,” Lund said.

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