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December 20, 2013

Snyder wants 'no regrets' energy future by 2025

LANSING (AP) — Michigan needs an energy policy with an emphasis on eliminating energy waste, and replacing coal with natural gas and renewable sources, Gov. Rick Snyder said Thursday.

Snyder released several goals for the state’s energy policy, which his office said should amount to a “no regrets” energy future by 2025. The Republican governor said in a statement that the goals should be “reasonable, achievable and efficient.”

Snyder says policy should have adaptability, reliability and affordability. He says it also should protect the environment.

“Michigan needs an energy policy that ensures we can be adaptable, have energy that is reliable and affordable, and protect our environment,” Snyder said. “We should set a reasonable, achievable, and efficient range of goals for 2025.”

Environmental and science advocates praised the announcement but said the test of its meaning will be in its details and implementation.

Rebecca Stanfield, program policy director for the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Chicago office, said that Snyder’s remarks “point the way to a path that reduces electric costs, cuts harmful pollution and puts people to work across the state building the energy system of the 21st century.”

Stanfield said that Michigan’s current clean energy laws have been a success but “leave a lot on the table.”

“While he has stopped short of making specific policy recommendations, it is critical that he has his sights set on the right goals: maximizing energy efficiency, and ramping up clean renewable power to meet the state’s electricity needs,” she said in a statement. “We’re looking forward to taking the next step - writing and implementing a policy blueprint to achieve those goals.”



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