Traverse City Record-Eagle


May 10, 2014

Fishing: 05/10/2014

Another week of roller coaster temperatures and windy conditions has hampered fishing. Inland lake fishing is slow due to the cooler water temperatures.

Charlevoix: Had no boats out. The docks are in at the Ferry Beach launch, but no boats on Lake Charlevoix yet. A few anglers were fishing the Medusa Cement Plant slip, but nothing was caught. Others were fishing the channel during the day but no fish were caught. Look for walleye in the channel at night.

Petoskey: The docks are in at the launch site however there were still some large pieces of ice floating around in Little Traverse Bay. The end of the pier was still covered with deep snow and ice.

Bear River: Is running high and fast. A couple steelhead were caught near the dam but no big numbers yet.

Harbor Springs: The boat launch is currently being dredged.

Traverse City: The East Bay was producing some lake trout and cisco for those jigging. In the West Bay, lake trout and cisco were caught by those jigging in 60 to 150 feet of water. Lake trout and steelhead were taken on spawn or lures near the mouth of the Boardman.

Elk River: Catch rates were slow with only a couple steelhead caught on spawn bags or a jig and wax worms.

Boardman River: Steelhead fishing was slow with a few fish caught on spawn or wax worms. Anglers will also find walleye, suckers, northern pike, and smallmouth bass.

Platte Bay: Those trolling are seeing some of the best brown trout action they have seen in years. Most are using black and chrome rapalas.

Platte River: Rain increased water levels and water temperatures. Steelhead fishing is very good and fresh fish are on the gravel. Most are using orange fly eggs. In Honor, the water was high but clear. Those fishing at South Street caught suckers on worms. Anglers have seen some nice brown trout and steelhead. Water levels were high and temperatures were at 44 degrees at the M-22 Bridge. Anglers are catching walleye on plastic baits. Look for fish between the outlet of Platte Lake and Loon Lake. A good number of suckers can be found in the holes down near the mouth. They will take an egg sucking leech or anything you put in front of them.

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