Traverse City Record-Eagle

January 26, 2013

GT road officials say they followed policy on agendas



Grand Traverse County Road Commission officials said they followed policy when they withhold meeting agendas from the public this month.

Commissioners voted to change that policy this week, and agendas will once again be available before road board gatherings.

"We've amended the policy and we will follow the policy," commission Chairman Carl Brown said Thursday, after the board's unanimous approval of the changes.

Road Commissioner Manager Jim Cook said the board's rules of order required only the release of meeting notices, not agendas. Cook called Brown and asked if the commission should follow the policy, or the unwritten practice of attaching draft agendas to the releases.

"The decision was, let's follow the policy," Cook said.

Road Commissioners Dave Taylor and Marc McKellar wanted to make sure board members saw the agendas before members of the public had that information. Board members at times receive calls and questions about agenda items before the board reviewed the agenda, the commissioners said.

The new policy stipulates commissioners will receive agendas with their board packets on the Friday before meetings. Agendas will be posted online and sent out in emails the following Monday.