Traverse City Record-Eagle

January 26, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 01/26/2013


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Some bias legal

Mr. Newton asks in his Dec. 22 letter how you legalize discrimination. Mr. Newton and many others may not know that, in Michigan, discrimination is not only tolerated but mandated by state law.

Michigan selects a group of people using criteria beyond their control (those persons adopted within the state between 1945 and 1970) and prevents them from obtaining an official document freely available to all others — their original birth certificate.

Look in any dictionary and you'll see Michigan's treatment of these adult citizens fits the definition of discrimination, yet the state refuses to address this.

Discrimination has not ranked as an important issue with the State of Michigan for many decades and is not likely to improve any time soon.

Jim Mandenberg

Traverse City

Re-read Constitution

Now let me get this right. Barack Obama has a mandate to raise taxes, and not cut spending, because he was re-elected. But Gov. Snyder and the Republican State House and Senate don't have a mandate to pass conservative principled laws?

Obamacare, crammed down our throats even though most of the nation did not want it, was great, a milestone.

But the Freedom to Work laws are a giant betrayal? Your reporting is one-sided, myopic and ridiculous.

Liberals insist on the right to choose to kill babies, and force me to pay higher and higher taxes for programs that I don't use, yet I can't have the right to choose to not belong to a union.

The Record-Eagle editors, and liberals, in general, need to re-read the Constitution.

David Thompson

Lake Ann

Do your homework

I write this to all current and prospective landlords. Do your research on potential renters.

I was naive enough to believe in the inherent goodness of most people and that people are what they seem.

There are renters out there who find the vulnerable and exploit them, even with valid leases.

When my renter emailed me saying, "Let me enlighten you about tenants' rights," I knew I'd been had.

Most rights are on the side of the tenant. If terms of the lease are not met, a landlord can take renters to court to evict them, but it takes time and money.

During that time they live rent-free and may damage the property. Then they slip away to do it all over again.

Small claims court? Even if you can find them, it's nearly impossible to get the money owed.

When telling others about my situation, many had horror stories of their own.

I was out about $4,000. It costs many landlords much more.

So get references, check them, and do a computer search.

Mary K. Davis

Lake Leelanau

Express your thanks

My wife and I have long felt moved by the men and women who serve our country, past and present. A few years ago as our family enjoyed a meal in an airport restaurant, we noticed a young man in uniform. He was alone and seemingly on his way home. We felt compelled to thank him for his service and asked our waitress to add the man's meal to our bill anonymously. She told him his bill had been paid, but not by whom. He first looked surprised, then smiled and looked around the area in an attempt to figure out who the benefactor had been. We never let on.

If you find yourself in the presence of someone in uniform, take a moment to express your thanks with an appreciative word or handshake. Buy them a meal or a drink if you can. Show your gratitude for our troops' commitment and sacrifice to our country. Without it, life as we know it would cease to exist.

Trevis and Robyn Gillow

Traverse City