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January 25, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 01/25/2014

Will be a reckoning

Hooray, hooray for Ms. Kunkle and Mr. Lamie Sr. for their voices for the defenseless preborn babies. Every day behind closed doors and with no one to be aware of the suffering about 4,000 babies in America are killed. Out of sight, out of mind, they aren’t out of the mind of God. Some day there will be a reckoning.

I thank God for anyone who in any way strives to end this madness.

Is America sleeping when we save trees and kill babies?

Rosalie Ehl



Get rid of it

Yes — think about it — a $360,000 liability — and now the “spend-happy” city council wants to throw good money after bad — $7.500 to conduct a study of the cesspool at Clinch Park. Get rid of it.

Have each council member stand on a street corner downtown and ask city residents their opinion, no cost involved. I am sure the results would be, get rid of it.

Over a third of a million dollars is down the drain. Remember all those potholes last spring and the 100-plus homeless in Traverse City?

There was even mention once of a possible electrical problem. How nice. And, it was built in a low area. Duh, trash water runs downhill. Get rid of it.

For a few bucks buy a couple hoses and a couple $5 sprinkler heads — great, safe fun.

Besides, the beautiful, free clean bay and sandy beach is only 100 feet away.

Get rid of it.

Ken Petersen

Traverse City

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