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July 6, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 07/06/2013

Don’t let them escape

Due to the wisdom of our forefathers and all of our past and present members of our military families, let us all Americans pause for a short period of time this July 4 to thank our maker, whomever we believe in, for the opportunity to live and enjoy our wonderful, free country. We should be so lucky.

Hopefully our so-called leaders will bring justice to all those perpetrators of crimes and greed and other indiscretions which they have inflicted upon the innocent. How can they live with themselves knowing the harm and despair they have forced upon the honest and truly loyal Americans?

Don’t let them escape for the dishonor they have cast upon us.

G.D. Simpson

Traverse City


Welcome to town

The recent headline “Surviving the Fest” and the comments regarding getting out of town concern me.

I have lived in Traverse City for 50 of my 76 years. Yes, there are inconveniences during the festival week as well as at other times. More important, however, is the gratitude I feel each day for living in an area which is geographically beautiful, offers endless opportunity for stimulating and enjoyable activity - often free or inexpensive. Of greatest significance however is the caring, supportive people who live here and can still find themselves in friendly conversation, often with strangers, as they are out and about.

This week I’ve pulled out the red and white, we’ll wear our annual cherry pins, carry chairs when needed and venture out to enjoy some activities, music and people-watching.

Welcome to Traverse City, folks.

Judith Craske Long

Traverse City


Not a side thought

In support of the letter from Holly Knibbs in the June 30, Record-Eagle, I believe that the Fourth of July should be a stand-alone holiday with parades, fireworks and concerts/picnics in the park, whatever makes it special for the day. Not a side thought for the Cherry Festival like it has been since we moved to the area 13 years ago.

Other festivals should take a back seat to our country’s birthday, not the other way around. Too many men and women have lost their lives over the last 200-plus years for our freedom to not take one day a year to celebrate in style.

Candace Sizemore

Maple City

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