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April 19, 2014

High-flying workout

TRAVERSE CITY — Bored with the elliptical trudge? Juggle fire.

Circus workouts add zest to a workout regime, spice to an evening and allow people to scratch things like “learn to juggle” or “walk on hands” off their bucket lists. Indulging a circus fantasy is easier than most people realize, said Maggie Racich.

“There’s something magical about the circus because you see things that don’t seem humanly impossible,” Racich said.

Racich and partner Jimmy Linenberger’s new business — Traverse City’s Third Space Movement — makes the impossible accessible to anyone age 16 and older.

Racich, 26, and Linenberger, 27, are partners in love as well as business, and both are strong and slight. A question about one of their classes — Partner Acroyoga — sends them to the mat. Racich lifts her man with her legs and arms; he adopts a graceful yoga pose midair. Their cores are solid but the effect is effortless.

“It’s much easier than it looks,” Racich said. “It’s all in the bone-stacking.” Three person shoulder stands apply the same principles, she said. Those require a spotter. Also, all fire spinning and juggling is done outside, per regulation.

Customers looking for the furniture resale shop that used to be at 2812 Garfield Road aren’t finding couches there anymore — classes in hoop, baton, juggling, poi, rope dart, staff, and contact juggling classes require ample space. Yoga, meditation, “hot body” and belly dance basics round out the offerings.

Third Space Movement is the first of its kind in Traverse City, but it joins a national trend of circus arts studios catering to those who want inject the exotic into their everyday workouts.

“Everyone loves the fun, flashy side of circus art,” Racich said. “But it’s a great workout for the body and brain.”

Circus arts also widens the net to catch those people who may not like “traditional sports,” Linenberger said.

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