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November 23, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 11/23/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Listen to the people

I wrote this after I finished reading a recent Sunday front page story in the Record-Eagle about the Brown Bridge Dam.

In simple terms, isn’t it time for the entire team that was involved in this fiasco to stand up and take responsibility for what was a colossal mistake from the “git-go?” They have done more damage than Mother Nature or our forefathers could ever do. And the idea of letting this team move forward on the removal of the other two dams before they have completely settled with all 66 of the home owners who were compromised and something done to remove the toxic waste that was released into Boardman Lake is not even rational.

Then I believe that whoever is in charge of this mess should take bids on making all three of the dams into high-tech hydroelectric plants. In this way they could at least make an effort to pay back the rest of us for the damage they have done.

Isn’t it time to listen to the people?

Walt Lund


More nuclear, please

Nobody wants fracking where their water comes from, but who has given thought to the implications? If we want electricity it has to come from something. Wind and solar especially need gas as backup.

The major alternative to large-scale drilling and mining is nuclear energy. A few very small mines supply the entire world with about 20 percent of its electricity. Michigan already gets 30 percent of its electricity from four nuclear reactors on just three sites with no fracking water, no leaking pipelines and no daily trains of fuel going off the rails.

More nuclear, please.

Russ Cage

Elk Rapids

Detroit has moved north

Regarding articles on the splash pad, it looks like “good ‘ole boy” politics at its best. Why not contact the Michigan State Attorney General and have him look into this mess? Seems to me that laws have been broken and the citizens of Traverse City are being exposed to unsafe and dangerous conditions in the public areas of your city. Everyone in Northern Michigan has been watching and reading about the problems that have arisen over the past number of years. Looks like Detroit has moved north.

Fred Matheson

Boyne City