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June 1, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 06/01/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Want to be heard

The story “Closed-door county?” made me question the business of our Leelanau County commissioners.

The Leelanau County Board is the legislative body that sets policy, adopts the budget, equalizes property tax assessments, sets fees, contracts for an audit, buys and sells land for county purposes and enters into contracts and agreements. A most important role would be to manage the budget so essential services are funded properly.

Commissioner Rushton says, “County residents don’t want growth and are perfectly happy pumping gas, buying a gallon of milk and going home.” Really? The Leelanau Chamber of Commerce has expressed a need for a concerted and organized economic development effort.

Commissioner Lautner says, “It’s not the Board of Commissioners’ business to worry about its residents.” “We can’t be health, wealth and prosperity, we are not that person.” Because she also serves as chairperson for the County Board of Health, her input would affect the residents, making her “That Person.”

Commissioner Zemaitis says, “People are on their own when it comes to making a living.” I wonder how many farms have been saved by receiving subsidies.

Personal agendas and politics aside, all constituents want to be heard and, yes, worried about.

Dorothy Mudget

Traverse City

Work on it

I recently saw a story on Bo Jackson, who easily was the best athlete I have ever seen. “Bo knows” was a huge ad campaign; when the story ended he was asked what he wanted on his tombstone. Bo said, “He gave what he received.” Bo needed more. He should have said, and we all should live by, “He gave more than he received.”

I want to thank those mail carriers who handed out notices for the recent food drive. I am sorry most did not hand out notices, but did collect for the customers who remembered the food drive. I want to thank my fellow United States Postal Service employees who take pride in their jobs, and I am sorry for those in the plant and offices who do not.

I will admit I need to be better, and I try every day. And yes, I fail. But I keep trying, for I want to be the person who they say “gave more than he received.” Are they going to say that about you? If not, work on it. I am.

Brian Utter