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April 6, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 04/06/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Don’t squander it

I am responding to the March 29 Record-Eagle article where one Republican called for the resignation of another Republican over posting an article on Facebook.

I am not a Republican, nor a Democrat, so I come at this discussion without prejudice.

I believe in our country’s Constitution, and the First Amendment, which gives the people the right to freely express their views on various topics of interest to society. In the above mentioned article, Mr. Dennis Lennox utilized his right to freely express his ideas, but he wanted to negate those same rights to others who disagreed with him. Instead, since Mr. Lennox didn’t like what Mr. Agema posted, he called for Mr. Agema’s resignation. Mr Agema has the same right that Mr. Lennox has, to express his opinion, whether Mr. Lennox likes it or not.

The lack of freedom to speak out against the tyranny of British rule is why we hold freedom of expression so dear. Now we have people who would stifle free expression again, if possible.

Freedom of expression, civilly, is a hallmark of liberty we have peacefully enjoyed in this country, so far. Don’t squander it.

Cathy Collins

Traverse City

Consider fences

There is a movement by certain people to eliminate the Quality Deer Management program in Leelanau County. Their complaint is too many bucks are rubbing their cherry trees and ruining them, which I agree with, but it isn’t only trophy bucks doing it. Smaller ones do as well. This means eliminate the deer in the county.

Part of the problem is growers aren’t likely to let hunters on their property to hunt.

A real solution would be to erect fences around their orchards. My son has orchards with fences around them and has no problem with deer or trespassers.

One grower used an example of one tree producing 2,000 pounds of fruit in 20 years. At 30 cents a pound, that amounts to $600 a tree. Multiply that by a thousand, and you could put up a lot of fencing.

Also, what about the farmer who sells apples, corn and sugar beets to hunters for bait?

To make any comments to the Department of Natural Resources, send a email to or

Carl Williams


Contempt for Lansing

Has anyone else noticed the blatant disregard of democracy in this state? Of course, we have.

It all started back in November. Two examples would be right to work and emergency city managers. The voters said no, the Lansing regime passed them anyway.

So much for will of the voters.

Next came some tax hikes aimed at the poorest and weakest.

Two hundred words cannot begin to describe my contempt for our state government’s definition of democracy.

Does anyone want to buy my house?

Steve McKrill

Traverse City