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October 26, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 10/26/2013

Supports creative class

I support Gary Howe for City Commissioner because he has been a supporter of Traverse City’s creative class and has helped foster and support the city’s young entrepreneurs. At the local level I’m a single-issue voter; I want to see Traverse City attract and retain young professional talent and continue with sustainable economic development so that we never again have to hear the chiche “half my pay is a view of the bay.” Gary Howe understands that economic development not only means supporting existing business, but it also means supporting the entrepreneurial environment.

John Di Giacomo

Traverse City


Honest and forthright

I have known Michael Estes since 1987, and have found him to always be honest and forthright with unquestionable integrity. Traverse City would be wise to re-elect Michael Estes as mayor.

Mark A Jackson

Traverse City


Does his homework

Who are you going to call?

The myth-buster, Ross Richardson!

I’ve worked with Ross on the Citizens Operational and Financial Analysis Committee, on the Federated parking deck, the Whiting Hotel project, the Old Town parking deck, the planning for the Warehouse District, and, in all instances, his focus was always the best interests of the taxpayers of Traverse City. He always does his homework and knows his finances. He fights for the common sense, efficient approach to problems.

He is always available to hear your questions and comments. Please join me. Vote for Ross.

Ellen Fivenson

Traverse City


A deep commitment

Gary Howe has my vote for City Commissioner. We need his vision for the future of Traverse City, his capacity to welcome diverse opinions when problem solving, and his skills at building community. He has a deep commitment to making this great place even better for everyone. Please consider voting for Gary Howe.

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