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December 7, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 12/07/2013

Where are the blowers?

Just like the snow on our sidewalks, the frustrations of Traverse City residents keep piling up. The Record-Eagle’s Nov. 29 editorial, “Traverse City has to address snow on downtown sidewalks,” was not much help, failing to clearly distinguish between downtown sidewalks and neighborhood sidewalks. Nor did the editorial say anything about the mystery of the missing sidewalk blowers. The City owns and operates three sidewalk machines (known as “Holders”) with the stated goal “to clean all sidewalks within 3 days of end of snow event.”

The official “Sidewalk Priorities” are posted at for all to see, yet rumors are circulating that sidewalk snow removal has been axed due to budget constraints and at least one commissioner, Gary Howe, wants to fine property owners for failing to clear the sidewalks themselves.

If we wish to be a walkable community truly concerned about “the elderly or those who use a walker, cane or wheelchair,” then we should demand answers to the question, “Where are the City sidewalk blowers?”

Ben Hansen

Traverse City

Things will happen

Our biggest problem is not the Affordable Care Act, Iran, China or the deficit. It’s us. We are challenged to understand globalization and how it affects us every day.

Worse, our politicians - the ones we pay handsomely, I may add — are keeping us in the dark. Even worse than that, they aren’t doing what they should about it. If they were, there wouldn’t be out-of-control unemployment. America needs to get back in the game. Call your legislators — state and federal — and demand accountability.

If they think you care and they might lose their jobs if they don’t do theirs, things will actually happen.

Melissa Culver

Rapid City

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