Traverse City Record-Eagle

December 22, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 12/22/2012


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A sense of compassion

As a student who has studied the incredible memoir "The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls in ninth grade honors English, I have deep sympathy and compassion for those who live under unfair living conditions. In reading her memoir my freshman year, in which I was blinded to what happens outside the box that is my life, I think the book made me wiser to the unfortunate world that so many find themselves living in. In banning it from the English curriculum, one would be banning the important lesson of compassion.

As a child with parents who chose to not keep me hidden from the realities in life, and an English teacher who helped me unravel the twisted reality that belongs to Jeannette Walls and so many millions of others, I would say that I have acquired a sense of compassion that so many other young people deserve to acquire as well. Jeannette Walls shared her unique yet oh so common story of the evils that haunt our world for a reason, and to shun it ... would be a mistake.

Clare Slack

Maple City

Dangerous legislation

How do you legalize discrimination? Here's what going on in Lansing. There is a bill that has passed in the State Senate, SB0975, called the Religious Liberty and Conscience Protection Act and referred to the Committee on Insurance on Dec. 6. In its own words it will allow health care payers, health facilities and health providers a right to decline to provide or pay for certain objectionable health care services.

The bill waives any civil, criminal or administrative liability for the facilities that choose to discriminate, so no legal recourse would be possible. Should SB 975 pass, any doctor or medical professional could refuse to provide any service. Will a baby who picked up HIV from his mom at birth be denied treatment because he has AIDS? Will an alcoholic be refused treatment because the facility manager lost his family to a drunken driver? Will half of a same-sex couple be refused treatment? Will a mother whose life is in jeopardy be denied an abortion? Will all religions be treated equally? It can all fit into "religious liberty and conscience."

Please contact your legislator. This is dangerous legislation. Oh, and by the way, watch whom you offend.

Alan Newton

Traverse City

It's called retribution

Merry Christmas, Michigan. And congratulations are also in order for your selection by both Forbes magazine and AARP as being the absolute worst state to live in if you're a retiree. Yes, the worst, not second to last, but number 50. Great advertising tool, eh? And now, since the misanthropic elves who make their second home at the Capitol in Lansing have decided to use their puny lame-duck status to push us back in time and further cement our "last place" distinction, shall we roll over and accept this injustice, or stand up and rally and push back as hard as we can?

At least they'd see and hear us coming, unlike St. Rick and his minions, clothed in deceit and subterfuge and scuttling about in haste behind closed doors. Cowards in deeds, and a legacy trashed. And for what? It's so obvious that no mealy mouthed explanations could conceal it. It's called retribution ... the small man's manner of achieving his due. It's pathetic, sad and shameful.

Patricia McCord


Savings worth the risk?

Once again the mayor and city manager are in hot pursuit of metro fire.

Their current plan satisfies the primary objective of firing all the current, loyal firefighters. All 23 will lose their jobs, and the city will be left with a service that does not provide paramedics as first responders and managed by non-residents. Wonder if the cost savings are worth the risk to the citizens and visitors of Traverse City?

Bernie Jackson

Traverse City