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April 5, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 04/05/2014

Be patient, persistent

I’d like to encourage everyone needing health insurance and especially those in the under-$39,000 income range to sign up at for a great health insurance plan. My husband and I used to spend $5,000 a year for a plan with a $7,500 deductible. It covered nothing and we never used it.

A representative from the website helped us find a $2,000-a-year plan which has a $600 deductible each and covers chiropractic, dental and vision. The plan we qualified for is based on the amount of taxable income reported on our tax return for the previous year.

So many people are avoiding signing up based on what they see as their options online or negative hearsay. Asking for a representative to help you sign up will speed the process, avoid errors and help you find the best plan for you. It might not be completed in the first phone call but be patient and persist. It is well worth it.

Julie Chai

Traverse City

Who profits?

With the elimination of the military draft the wealthy no longer needed to worry their children would ever involuntarily fight in a war. An all-volunteer military will heroically and now, with multiple deployments, repeatedly fight our wars. With the massive outsourcing of non-combat services to the private sector war became a profit center for an ever-widening swath of corporate America.

One of the key elements of a criminal investigation is the question: who profits from the crime? As you hear the constant drumbeat for “U.S. action” in the Middle East, Iran, and, most recently, the Russian incursion in Crimea, please ask yourself this question: who profits?

Marlowe Bonner

Traverse City

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