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March 15, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 03/15/2014

Early intervention best

As I battle frigid conditions traveling to work, I contemplate our children’s future. Because the Arctic is warming twice as fast as the equator, the jet stream has slowed and we now have long periods of the same weather. Despite George Will’s contention that “climate change has become annoyingly difficult to detect,” this winter we’ve seen prolonged periods of extreme cold, while on the other side of the jet stream, Alaska reached 60s in January and California had unprecedented drought and wildfires.

To date, the globe has warmed by 0.8 degrees Celsius. By 2050, when my son is my age, it’s predicted that the Earth will warm by at least 2 degrees Celsius if we continue to use fossil fuels. According to researchers at Stanford and the University of California/Davis, technology is currently available to power the globe on non-carbon forms of energy. A steadily increasing fee on carbon would provide a clear market signal to transition to clean forms of energy and create jobs in the clean-energy sector.

The best treatment is early intervention. The Earth can heal if we end our addiction to fossil fuels by putting a price on carbon.

Elizabeth “Lisa” Del Buono

Traverse City

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