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February 1, 2014

Letter to the Editor: 02/01/2014

Promote wind and solar

The insanity of fracking hit me one night while vacationing in Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. Fracking there is done for oil because it is more valuable than gas. However gas comes up with the oil. Since it is less profitable, it is burned off into the atmosphere as a waste product. At night the sky is lit up with thousands of wells burning natural gas into the atmosphere.

Why is this important to Michigan? Because multinational corporations are leasing state land at rock-bottom prices, clear-cutting forests and setting national records for water use and contamination (they get the water for free) — to drill for the same gas that is burned off as a waste product in North Dakota. This is insane waste.

We don’t have to destroy our environment to keep the lights on. Wind and solar energy technology is improving and becoming competitive with fossil fuels. The costs are going down. Meanwhile, fossil fuel costs are rising as gas and oil reserves become more and more difficult to extract.

It’s time our state government stopped subsidizing multinational gas and oil companies. Instead, we need a state energy policy that promotes wind and solar.

Anne Zukowski


The writer is co-chair of Don’t Frack Michigan.

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