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December 14, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 12/14/2013

Address the problem

I strongly support the decision of Sheriff Bensley to close the jail lobby to belligerent and uncontrolled drunk, possibly mentally ill, individuals. No government facility, open to the general public to do business, should be so used.

First, if the city has a problem then the city should address the problem, not the county sheriff. Second, by knowingly opening the lobby for such use, as an official policy, the county and therefore the taxpayers are risking an unacceptable and large liability for operating an unsupervised and unregulated mental facility. Sooner or later something very bad is going to occur under such circumstances. If they are not under arrest they do not belong in the county jail.

It should be noted that we as a society once cared for such individuals in safe, regulated and appropriate places, namely the state hospitals. Today the “politically correct,” supported by groups like the ACLU, have managed to close these facilities and put the patients on the streets.

We were a much better society when we properly care for these unfortunate individuals.

James Downer

Traverse City

The power of sports

Given the recent death of Nelson Mandela I thought it would be appropriate to remind our community and local school leaders of the significance of educational athletics.

There have been bonds/millages that haven’t passed and as a result significant budget cuts have taken place. Unfortunately, educational athletics is one area that has experienced major cuts. Additional cuts are on the horizon and the existence of educational athletics in our community is in jeopardy.

I’m reaching out in an effort to ask for your support of sports and do all that you can to share a positive voice with your neighbors and local leaders.

Nelson Mandela was a world leader/changer who, among other things, experienced and promoted the power of sports. Let us do the same.

Adam Warren

Traverse City

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