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Rebecca Lindamood: Foodie With Family

June 1, 2009

Foodie with Family: I'm stronger. Right?

My sister suggested two weeks ago that my saying of the year should be, "It's not working right now." After a winter full of near constant catastrophic vehicle problems, a broken washing machine, a broken water heater, a case of identity (and actual) theft, a dead chicken, and a few other inconveniences -- both large and small -- it would appear that my conversations have been peppered with, "Well, I'd love to ____ but my ____ isn't working right now."

The near-constant state of being without a working vehicle that fits all the kids in it has made me a hermit the past few months. It has been a mostly wonderful time spent working on the house, playing and reading with the kids, and being thankful for our consistently good health. Even though every mechanical thing we owned seemed to dwell semi-perpetually in the state of "on the fritz" we were -- at least -- healthy!

Don't get me wrong, there were and still are times when cabin fever hits and hits hard. This brings us to another favorite maxim: "If it doesn't kill me it makes me stronger."

Looking at it from that angle, this entire winter has been an opportunity for me to become much, much stronger. There have been a couple particularly shining opportunities for growth. For instance ...

Ty came on to the porch screaming bloody murder and crying alligator tears with Aidan hot on his heels. I ran outside to assess the situation. This was the conversation that followed:

Me: WHAT is going on here?

Ty: He hit me in the eye with his sweater!

Aidan: But he kicked me first!

Ty: But that was an accident!

Aidan: Oh yeah?!? How?

Ty: You told me I could slap you.

Aidan: But that was because I accidentally tripped you while trying to tackle you because you threw that gravel at me!

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