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Rebecca Lindamood: Foodie With Family

September 14, 2008

Foodie With Family: Snacks can soothe, fuel

I am totally flabbergasted that we are already into another school year. I'm not sure how it happened, but the summer flew by without me accomplishing more than one or two of the several things I intended to do. I never got that flower patch planted or put up the curtains. Nor did I paint the living room, dining room and porch. And what did I do? I watched my kids plant seeds, run around in sprinklers, climb trees, pick and eat their own weight in blueberries at the patch and blackberries in our yard, play volleyball over the fence by the barn, stalk rabbits, eat sweet corn with mouths missing many teeth, fish with their Daddy, and fall asleep in the hammock on the porch. In short, I saw my kids have the ideal summer vacation.

While driving back from the blueberry patch for our third visit early this week the boys and I were taking turns pointing out beautiful scenery. I pointed out the first color changes in the maple trees. "Nooooooo," wailed Liam. "That means we're starting school again! I was just getting relaxed!" I have a feeling that even if he had a half a year of summer vacation the response would've been the same. "Wahoo," screamed Aidan. "That means we'll get to have snowball fights. And my birthday is only five months away. Can I have a five-layer cake with polka dots?" That boy thinks ahead. "School's starting again?" asked Ty. "That means after-school snacks. I'm fine with that."

My three eldest boys had -- in one conversation -- - encompassed most of the feelings that I remember having about back-to-school time. Notably absent from the beginning of the school year preparations for my boys is the girly attention to details regarding wardrobe I always had. And for that I'm eternally grateful! I lost my freedom, looked forward to cold weather and anticipated upgraded snacks at the same time. Some things never change.

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